Livewriter – Plugins

In this video, let’s take a look at how you can add plugins to your Windows Live Writer software application, and how these plugins will help you add more features and functions to Windows Live Writer and enable you to use images, videos, or other stuff very easily, and you can add these plugins simply by opening up your Windows Live Writer software. Make sure it’s already installed in your computer.

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Open it up, and then you can scroll to the bottom area here. Alright? At this area, and you’ll be able to see all the plugins that I already have installed, and if I want to install a new plugin, just click on Add a plugin here. Now, this will open up the Windows Live Writer website and, and you can see all the available plugins that you can install to your Windows Live Writer software. Now, since all these plugins also have ratings as submitted by users, you’ll be able to see which plugins that you should install and which plugins are perhaps lower quality or maybe doesn’t work so well and those will just be wasting your time. So you need to sort the plugins according to rating, alright? And now, we can see only the best plugins for Windows Live Writer. So for example, let’s say I want to install this plugin, which is Flickr4Writer.What this plugin does is it basically connects your Windows Live Writer software with your Flickr account so you can browse all the pictures in your Flickr account and insert it or embed it directly into your Windows Live Writer, so just click on Download, and there’ll be a warning message here which basically tells you that any application you download from this website is not developed by Microsoft or any Microsoft employee, but by third-party developers. Just click on Install. And download this file.

Once the download is completed, just open up the plugin file here, and you’ll get a security warning message, and I’m actually recording this video on Windows XP. If you’re using Windows Vista, I’m pretty sure there will be maybe 1 or 2 additional screens that pop up here. These are just for general security warnings, and you can just click on “Run.”

And then you see the setup screen, just click on Next. And some of these plugins have Terms and Conditions for use, so you may want to read through the Terms and Conditions, and if you do agree, click on ‘I Agree” and click on Next.

And it prompts you for the exact location that you want to install the particular Windows Live Writer plugin, and by default, it would install into your Windows Live Writer folder, under a subfolder called “Plugins.” Click on Next.

And it says here that installation is complete. So I’m gonna close this window, and to check for this plugin, what you need to do is open up your Windows Live Writer application again, and here, you can see that this plugin is already installed. So to use this plugin, I just need to click on the link here. And some of these plugins have an additional configuration page – for example, the Flickr plugin would probably ask you for your Flickr username and a few other variables here that you can edit. So that’s how you install plugins to your Windows Live Writer software.