Feedburner – Use in WordPress

In this video, we’re gonna take a look at how to redirect your default RSS feed to your FeedBurner RSS feed. Now, the first thing you want to do is log in to your WordPress dashboard and you need to install a particular plugin that allows you to automatically redirect your default RSS feed to your FeedBurner feed.

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Now, the reason for us to do this is because we do not want your blog subscribers subscribing to two different RSS feeds. So you just want to use one RSS feed, which is the one we’ve created in FeedBurner. So click on Plugins and click on Add New. And in the Search box here, I’m going to type in “feedburner,” and I’m going to click on Search. And you can see several WordPress plugins that will help you to manage your FeedBurner feeds, but the most important one that we are looking for here is called FD FeedBurner Plugin. And it says here that it redirects the main feed and optionally, the comments feed to FeedBurner.com.

So I’m gonna install that, and I’m going to install this plugin automatically, so I’ll just fill in my FTP details, and click on “Proceed.” So now, it says the FD FeedBurner Plugin has been successfully installed, and I’m gonna activate this plugin. Okay, so now, the FD FeedBurner Plugin has been activated. So to configure the options for the FD FeedBurner Plugin, you’re just gonna click on “Plugins,” and you should see a new link there for FeedBurner configurations. I’m gonna click on that.

So the process is pretty straightforward, really; all I need to do is enter my new FeedBurner feed in here, so I’m going to go back to FeedBurner.com, and for the particular feed that I want to use, I’m just going to copy the link location, and I’m gonna paste it here. Right, so that’s my FeedBurner feed. Now, optionally, you may want to create another feed, specifically for your blog comments. But if you do not get tons of comments every day, then you really pretty much don’t have to do this at all. And then we go to the Advanced Options. So, you may not want to allow people to subscribe to specific categories or tags, and instead, you may want them to subscribe to the general RSS feed. So if that’s the case, then just click on “Do not redirect category or tag feeds.” And then, just click on Save.

Okay, so it says here that my configuration has been updated. So to check if my default feeds are currently redirecting to my FeedBurner feeds, what I want to do is go to my blog itself, and on the entry’s RSS, I just click on that link, and you can see that instead of showing your default RSS feed, it is now redirected to the FeedBurner feed that you have created. So that’s how you redirect automatically all your WordPress feed subscriptions to the ones that you’ve created in FeedBurner.com.