TweteMeme – Intro

In this video, we’re going to take a look at a unique service called TweetMeme. Now if you’re already familiar with websites like, then TweetMeme basically operates on the same concept. It aggregates the latest Twitter post and shows you what are the most popular tweets or Twitter posts in the entire world on any given day.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/tweetmeme-intro.swf[/evp]

For example, as you can see today, these are the most popular user tweets from all over the world, and you can also browse by channels and, for example, if you just want to find the tweets for comedy, entertainment, gaming, lifestyle, etc., etc. So why this is relevant to you is because using, you can actually get a lot of Twitter traffic to your WordPress blog.

If you look at some of the bigger blogs on the Internet, for example, the popular social media blog, you can see this TweetMeme plugin in action over here, so you can see for that – this particular post, 834 Twitter users have chosen to retweet this post into their Twitter account. So you can add this same plugin that you see over here, or this widget, that you see over here, to your WordPress blog.

Now, because TweetMeme works with Twitter’s API technology, you don’t really need to create a TweetMeme account if you already have a Twitter account. When you click on Sign In, you would see a pop-up window here that asks you to connect to Twitter and to allow TweetMeme to post the latest retweets to your Twitter account automatically. So when I click on ‘OK, take me to Twitter’, I’ll be asked to log in to my Twitter account. And then, all I need to do is put in my username or email address and also the Twitter password, and then I click on Sign In.

So now, I have successfully signed in to and I can participate in all the latest retweets here by adding some of the users to My Favorites and also by leaving a comment on itself. In the next video, I’ll actually show you how to add this simple little TweetMeme widget to your WordPress blog.