Facebook – Promote Your Application

In this video, I’m going to show you how to promote your new Facebook application. Now, of course, you can also connect your Facebook application to your WordPress blog, and your websites, you’ll also get some traffic that way, and you’ll also get some people who click on the Like button, etc., but really, you can just simply promote your application within your Facebook account itself.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/fb-promoteapp.swf[/evp]

Now, the first way of doing that, of course, is to click on Promote with an Ad. And of course, Facebook wants to encourage you to use their advertising system. So, by default, you’d have your application ID here, okay? So you can post and add directly to your application within Facebook or you can choose to advertise a web page instead. And then you can put in the title of the ad as you’ll see here; and also some body text, and an image, which is optional but highly recommended if you wanna get more attention to your Facebook ad itself. And then click on Continue.

Next, you can target the users by the country, the state, province, or even by city. So if you have a very local blog or local business and you only wanna target people within a certain…miles, radius…of a particular city, you can enter the city name in here, for example, New York, New York. Okay?

And if you look at the right section, Facebook will actually give you an estimate of how many people you can reach, based on your settings here. So if I delete New York and target ‘entire United States’…so, potentially, I can reach 113 million people who live in the United States, are 18 years old and above, and who are not already connected to my application name. So this is very important – your ad will not show to people who have already connected to your application either directly or via Facebook, or via your WordPress blog.

And then you can further target users by Demographics, alright? You can target a certain age group of people, you can target men, women, or just about everyone else…alright? And you can also target people by interest. So if you have a very specific blog, let’s say, investing, okay? So all I need to do is type in the first 4 characters and Facebook will give me all the matches based on what users have entered in their Likes and Interests column in their own profiles. So I can select Investing, Investment, Investment Banking…okay? So let’s say my blog targets people who wanna invest money in any type of investment program, and click on Continue.

Next, I can select my account currency, my time zone, and I can give my campaign a name, and also the daily budget. Then I can schedule my ad. Okay? I can run my ad continuously or I can run my ad during specified dates, okay? I’m gonna click on ‘Run my ad continuously…’ and then Facebook would give you a bid suggestion, so in this case, they suggest that I pay $1.09 per click. Alright? But if I don’t wanna pay that amount, of course, $1.09 is the estimated bid price to get the first spot in the Facebook ads. But I can always set a different bid, and I can choose to enter %0.50, for example…alright, and click on Review Ad.

Okay, so here, you can see my ad preview, this is exactly how it will look like in Facebook, actually, and I can also just rename it if I want to. It shows me how I’m targeting, and my cost per click, and the budget per day, and how long this ad will run. And then of course, you have to put in your credit card information over here, place an order, and your ads will be running in a very short time. But let’s go back to the application page earlier.

Before you actually put up an ad, you may want to recommend your application to people who are already in your friend list. And to do that, although Facebook wants you to buy ads with them, so they put this above everything else, but right below that, is Suggest to Friends. So once you click on Suggest to Friends, you can see all the friends who are in your Facebook profile. Now, the only thing is Facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to send to everyone with just a click of a button. It allows you to segregate by networks or groups, so if you have already done that, then that’s great; but otherwise, you need to click on the individual users, and you’ll see this icon appears here, which basically means that you’ve selected them, and I can click on the next person as well, and then click on Send Invitations. And it says that my invitation has been sent.

So that is the second method. And there’s a third method here – if you scroll down, you can actually share this application to your Facebook profile page itself. And this is perhaps the simplest way to do it, because everyone who is subscribed to your News Feed or reads your profile page will be able to see the application.

Now let me go back to my profile page, alright? And you can see the schedule that I just did here. So those are three simple ways you can promote your application and also get more viewers to your WordPress blog.