Facebook – Fanbox

In this video, I’m going to show you how to display the Facebook Fan Box widget in your WordPress site. So the first thing you need to do is, of course, make sure that you have installed the Simple Facebook Connect WordPress plugin, which actually contains all these other smaller plugins as well. Now, I’m gonna look for the SFC Fan Box widget. I’m going to activate that.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/fb-fanbox.swf[/evp]

Once the plugin has been activated, I can just go to Settings, and click on Simple Facebook Connect. If you scroll down, okay, you’ll see the Fan Box Settings, and there’s not much settings here, actually, that you can customize. The only thing you can do is enter your own Fan Box Custom Css. Okay.

Now, I’m going to click on Appearance, and go to Widgets. And in the Widget area, you should be able to see a Facebook Fan Box SFC. So I’m just going to resize this window so you can see exactly what’s happening…okay. So all I need to do is click on the Facebook Fan Box SFC, drag it, and drop it to the exact location where I want the Fan Box to go. And I can choose to show the Facebook logo bar; I can also choose to show all the latest wall posts or stories for my Facebook application I’ve created earlier. I can limit the number of fans to show the width of the widget and also the height of the widget. So I recommend that you leave the height as “O” to make it automatically resize itself based on the number of fans that you are showing in your widget. Okay? So I’m just gonna give it a title, and click on Save.

Now, let’s preview the blog. Okay, so you can see the actual Facebook widget itself over here. And as more and more people click on the Like button here, you would be able to see the pictures appear at the bottom here, I’m gonna show you an example…so this is the extremely popular Mashable blog. I’m just gonna scroll down right here, and you can see, you have the exact same thing with the logo and the Like button, and it shows how many fans you have who have clicked on this Like button, and also they are images or thumbnails from their profile pages.

So this is how your Fan Box widget would look like once several users have clicked on the Like button. And that’s how easy it is to connect your Facebook to your WordPress blog, and start to actually connect with the individual users who visit your blog, and it really gives you an opportunity to see, to put a face to the website visitors themselves, and perhaps you can also add them as friends if you haven’t already have that ****03:43 friends list, you can just add them as friends in your Facebook account, and really have a good chance of connecting with them and turning them into loyal blog subscribers, and probably even loyal customers.