Facebook – Application

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can set up your own Facebook application and integrate that application into your WordPress blog. Now the reason we want to do that is to display some of Facebook’s sharing features or functionality on your blog itself. Let me give you an example, now this is Mashable.com, perhaps the most popular blog or website in regards to social media and also Web 2.0, businesses and Web 2.0 technology.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/fb-application.swf[/evp]

So now, if you look at a single post here, you would see the Facebook Share button, and you can see that this blog post has been shared 3,505 times. That is a lot of additional traffic from other people’s Facebook accounts. Now, don’t forget that this, although this blog post has been shared 3,500 times, it doesn’t mean that it has reached 3,500 users. Each of these 3,500 users may have about 200; 2,000 friends, which all of course, also see whatever that you share, so this is tremendous traffic potential.

And the next small, little widget we see here is the Facebook Like button. Now this is starting to pop up on all kinds of websites, on all kinds of applications all over the Internet. How this works is like, well, it’s pretty simple actually, if you like this page then just click on Like. Alright? And now it says that you have liked this page, so let me check my Facebook profile, I’m going to refresh the profile…and actually I need to click on my wall over here. This really depends on how you set up your Facebook account, but in any case, it should appear under the News Feed and also on your wall. So now you see, John likes Google’s Pacman logo, etc., etc., this is the blog post title, from Mashable earlier, so you can see the tremendous power of having these two small widgets on your WordPress blog. You can really use Facebook and capitalize on Facebook’s traffic and redirect some of the traffic onto your own WordPress blog.