Distributing Your Articles

In this video, I’m going to show you how to get one way links using a service called

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Article Marketing Automation, and you can find that at Articlemarketingautomation.com. So what is Article Marketing Automation? Or let’s call it AMA for short.

So what is AMA? AMA is basically a network of sites and blogs that you can join, and there’s really two ways you can benefit from AMA. The first way is that you can get unique blog content for free to your blogs, and you can also get one-way links by submitting articles to other blogs. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to login to my AMA account.

And then I’m gonna click on Manage My Articles. Okay, so right here, you can see that there are several articles that I have already answered into the Article Marketing Automation system. But now I’m going to show you how to add a new article and how to make that article spinnable as well as how to insert links to your own website within the content of those articles themselves. I’m gonna click on Add.

First thing you need to do here is to select the category, and then select your distribution date; so if I want to publish this article immediately, I’m just gonna just leave it as current date. Now what’s important is that you don’t try to write the article directly in this user interface of Article Marketing Automation because your Internet may get disconnected or you may have other problems, et cetera, and you may lose whatever work that you have saved here. So I recommend that you write your article elsewhere, preferably using the Notepad application which should be, by default, installed on your computer.

And once I’ve entered the article title, I’m just gonna scroll down here, and then I’m going to paste the article into the article body.

Okay, so you can see my full article content over here related to Tongkat Ali, and then now, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put in some links to my own website. Now, Article Marketing Automation allows you to have three links within the content of your article to any site that you want. It does not always have to be your own website, but of course you would want to get the most amount of benefit for your own websites but you can also put in affiliate links; links to YouTube videos, links to your Twitter site, et cetera – anything you want. So I’m just gonna select the text that I want to be linked to my website, and then I’m gonna click on the link icon here, Insert Edit Link. And then I’m gonna paste that link here. Okay? And click on Insert. And now you can see that this particular line of text has been hyperlinked to my website and you can literally do this for any keyword that you want. Make sure that those keywords that you select within this content area relates exactly to the correct page on your website. So, for example, if I want to link this particular sentence, “Tongkat Ali increases the testosterone level…” so I’m gonna link this to the website, my website, on to a particular page. Now that’s very important. You don’t always need to link to the main home page of your website. You can link to any page within your website itself, and in fact, that’s slightly more effective than linking to the main page of your website. And I’m gonna do that again for another keyword phrase.

Okay, so I’ve inserted two links and you can of course insert up to three links, if you want. Now I’m gonna scroll down a bit. Okay, and the next thing you need to do is insert some text, and once I’ve inserted those texts then I’m gonna scroll down, so if you actually have a YouTube video URL, then you can just copy and paste that URL into this section here, and you can also give it a link anchor text. If you don’t have any YouTube URL, if you do not have any YouTube videos at all, then you can just leave this blank, and you can put in your distribution limit here as zero for unlimited, or if you want to limit your articles to say, about only two hundred or three hundred articles to be published via this Article Marketing Automation system, then you can just enter that here, and then finally, you can just double-check a lot of stuff here and then click on Save as Draft.

Okay, now your article has been entered and saved as draft into the AMA system. Now, Article Marketing Automation has a built-in article rewriting system and the way it works is pretty simple. You have the original article title and then you enter up to ten variations of the article title, and you do this for every single sentence in your article. Now of course, you don’t actually have to write ten variations for each sentence, and of course, that’s gonna take you a very, very long time. But you have to understand, the more variations that you create, the higher the chances that your articles will be accepted and published by other members of the network, and also the higher your chances of getting as many back links as possible from this one article. So you can actually look at it in two ways. You can either create a less-modified article and then create less variations for each sentences, and then go on and add other new articles in the system; or you can just focus on one article and making sure that article is at least 30 percent unique and if you can make it at least 100 percent unique. To make your article 100 percent unique, it’s not really that difficult if you can actually enter 10 variations or at least up to 5 variations for each sentence in your article.

Okay, so to save some time in this video, I’ve just paused the video earlier and now I’ve entered 10 variations of the original title of my article, and the original title, as you can see, is very short. It’s just “Benefits of Tongkat Ali.” And without changing the actual meaning of the title, I have written up to 10 variations; and you can see – first variation is What Are the Benefits of Tongkat Ali? Then I go on, Tongkat Ali and Its Benefits, The Benefits of Tongkat Ali, and this is, well, pretty similar to the original title. The original title is Benefits of Tongkat Ali, and I just added ‘The’ Benefits of Tongkat Ali; but this, in actual fact, creates a new variation for a title, so it’s okay. Then I go on, How Does Tongkat Ali Help You? How Can Tongkat Ali Help You? And so on, to create 10 different variations. And then once I’m done, I can just click on Continue and I’ll go to the next sentence.

So this is an article that I’ve created before. It is a product review, actually, for Paid Surveys Online. You can see here that the title of the article is 271% rewritten and the body is about 172% rewritten. Now, the thing is, in Article Marketing Automation, some of the blog owners here who have submitted their blogs or network have chosen to manually approve articles that you submit to them, so some of them usually will only accept articles that are at least 100% rewritten. But as I mentioned earlier, this is not really that difficult to do, if you create at least 5 variations for each sentence and also the title of your article, it should be pretty good and most of the blog owners should accept it without any problems.

And you can also see here that the preview of the article consists of 471 words. Now that’s a minimum of 300 words from numbers taken in Article Marketing Automation and this may change from time to time, so you can just check with them what is the minimum words required for each article. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m gonna show you how this article spinning works in Article Marketing Automation, or AMA for short. I’m just gonna refresh this page, so pay attention to the title and also the statistics up here. I’m gonna refresh this page…okay, so what I’ve just done is that I have fetched a different variation of the article, and this variation – the title is 420% rewritten and the body is 182% rewritten, and if I refresh that again, then now you can see that the stats again have changed, and in this example, you can actually see there’s a completely new title, and a lot of the body content has changed as well. So if I want to continue to rewrite this, I can just click on Rewrite and again rewrite this article, but what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna check if this article is okay.

Okay? And then I’m gonna click on Edit.

Alright, so you can see the same screen here as I’ve shown you before, and I’ve selected the category and also the distribution date, which is today, and since I have already pre-spun the title and also the article body, now you can see some of the syntax, some of the codes here, and you can see different variations of the title and a separator for the variations. Alright, and if you scroll down, you can actually see the same thing happening in the body of the content itself, and here are some of the variations that you can notice. This is actually just one sentence; you will see the full stop here. So this full thing here is one sentence, but in any particular variation, only certain parts of this text are used. Alright, and you can see these are the separators for the variations of that particular sentence.

Okay, so once I’m done, and I selected the distribution limit as zero, and then I’m just gonna click on Publish. And it says here that my article “has been published and is available from the date you selected for distribution into the network,” which is today. So my article will be available to all the blog owners or all the website owners in AMA immediately and if they have chosen to publish articles automatically, then now, my articles would be published automatically to all those blogs; and some members of course, would choose to manually review before publishing articles, so in cases of manual reviews, then the blog owners will, in the next few days I hope, review my article and see that it is at least 172% rewritten, so that serves them perfectly well because what they are looking for is a content that is unique, or at least unique enough to not be considered duplicate content by search engines like Google and et cetera.

So that’s how you add articles into Article Marketing Automation and also get one-way links to your website, to your Twitter account, to your Facebook account, or any URL that you want.