3-Way Links – Create Page

Once you have submitted a new domain in 3WayLinks and you have setup your website, including the keywords and also the link page templates, and then if you log in to 3WayLinks again and go to the Members’ Area homepage, you will see right next to the URL that you submitted, it says here now, Step 2, Upload the links page to your site and have it verified. So, just click on the link here that says, Upload the links page.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/3waylinks-createpage.swf[/evp]

And you can see here, there are a few options for you to build your link page. If you’re building a website manually using a website editor like Dreamweaver or CoffeeCup, and you have actually created a PHP page with the extension of ‘.php,’ and you have entered the website template in the first step where you actually create your links page, then you can just right click here, and download this zip file, unzip the file, and then upload the links page via FTP to your web hosting account.

But if you don’t know how to do that, or if you are actually using a CMS or a Content Management System, for example, like WordPress, to build your entire site, then there are two more options that you can use here. The first of the two options is to download a WordPress plugin that automatically creates the links page for you. So you can see the link here for the WordPress plugin and you can just open that in a new tab.

And this actually links to a different website to the guy who created the plugin for 3WayLinks, and you’ll see a link here that says, Download 3WL Links Page Plugin Version 0.3, so you can just click on that to download the plugin. And then what you need to do is just open that particular zipped file and extract the file to your desktop or any other location on your computer, and then upload this PHP page, which is called ‘threewl-php-page.php’. Upload that file to your WordPress plugins folder, which should be under WP-Contents/Plugins.

Once you have uploaded the plug-in just login to your WordPress dashboard and click on PlugIns. And in this list of all the plugins that are available on your WordPress blog, just look for the plugin called ‘threewl-php-page,’ and activate that. Once that plugin has been activated, then you can just check under the Settings tab here, you can just expand that. Right? And you can see there’s a new link here that says, 3WL Links Page.

Okay, so what this plugin does is it automatically creates everything for you. All you need to do is enter the 3WayLinks ID into here; and you can get that from the main 3WayLinks page for this particular site. This is the ID for this site, and the IDs, of course, are unique to each individual website on 3WayLinks. So I just want to paste that into here, and make sure your page title and page slug is exactly the same as what you have entered in your 3WayLinks Members’ Area.

Okay, and then to create your page, you can just click on Create Page. Okay, so it says here, ‘3WL Links Page page (ID 38)’…this page ID, of course, is different on each WordPress blog, and it says that this page was created. So let’s go to this particular blog, and you can see that this is how a blog looks like, and this is the new page that has been automatically created by the 3WayLinks plugin. Alright, so you can see that this page exists, and it’s empty at the moment, but it will be filled up with links to other sites once this domain name has been approved in your 3WayLinks account.

Okay, so that’s the easiest way to add a 3WayLinks page to your WordPress blog. Now, if you’re using other Content Management Systems or if you have advanced HTML knowledge, then you can also copy the raw PHP codes and paste it to the pages and then, what you have to do next is to validate and activate your actual URL.

Now, you have to remember some of the more important things that will help you get your sites approved faster. Number one is that your links page title and also the link page URL must exactly match what you have entered in your 3WayLinks account. And the second thing is that the links page must be linked to from the homepage of your website or your blog. So if the link page exists but there’s no link to it from the main page, then your website will be rejected. So once you’ve made sure that all these important things are there, then you can validate and activate your URL. Now, this process is manual and there’s actually someone who will take a look at your site and decide if they should approve or reject your site. So if your site is rejected, then you can just go back to that particular website, make some edits and changes, and then resubmit your sites to be approved. The only reason why your site would not be approved after you’ve made those changes is if your sites do not comply with their terms and conditions which you can, of course, click on this link here, Terms and Conditions, to read more the terms and conditions of using 3WayLinks, but otherwise your sites will be approved and in the next few days, the system will start publishing links to your site on all the other sites in the 3WayLinks network. So the process of link building is actually very gradual to make it seem natural. You don’t get all 250 links on the same day. Instead you may get one link today, five links tomorrow, etc., etc., until over a period of time your site has achieved 250 one-way, inbound links from other sites on the Internet, and that will help you to launch your site and get a really decent search engine ranking in Google and other search engines.