DNS – NameCheap

In this video, I’m going to show you how to change your name servers in your NameCheap account. Now, if you have already purchased a domain name in NameCheap, you would be given a username and password. So I’m going to use my username and password and log in to my NameCheap account. And right here, you can see the amount of domain names that you have in your account, and also the domains expiring within 30 days, so I’m just gonna look at all the domain names that I have, and I’m going to click on the domain name that I want to change the name servers for.

[evp width=”640″ height=”480″]tutorials/wpvideos/dns-namecheap.swf[/evp]

Now, on the left, you would see a link that says, “Transfer DNS to web host.” Just click on that link. Now, right here, you can see the domain name that I want to edit, and in this section, I can enter all my name servers. Now, if you already got a web host, your web host would have given you the specific name servers that you should put here. There are usually two different name server addresses, and in this case, I’m going to use the name servers for HostCommando.com.

Right. So in HostCommando, we have a few servers and the specific one that I’m gonna use is at HostCommando.net, and you should make sure that it looks something like this. It’s usually ns1. The name of the server, and also ns2. The name of the server. NS, of course, stands for “name server.” And when you’re done, just click on “Save Changes.” Now you can see a message up here that says, “The domain name servers have been updated. The domain name servers are updated based on your request. As the options would change based on DNS sever used, we have refreshed the page to show appropriate links on the left side.” Right.

So on the left, you can see a link here that says, “Transfer DNS back to us.” So this is actually the reversal of the process that we just did, in case you no longer want to use your web host and you want to transfer the DNS back to the default ones at NameCheap. So that’s how you edit your DNS server details in NameCheap.