CPanel – Backup

In this video, we’re gonna take a look at how to back up your entire cPanel account. Now, unlike any back-up plugins that you may be using on your WordPress blog, the cPanel backup actually backs up everything, not just your WordPress blog, your post and any images used in a WordPress blog, but also other folders that you have uploaded to your web hosting server, as well as email settings, the actual emails themselves, and other databases that you may have in your cPanel account.

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So it’s really a very complete solution to back up everything in your web hosting account, and to do this, just login to your cPanel account, and click on Backup Wizard; so since we want to back up our entire server, I’m just going to click on Backup, then you can select to back up the Home Directory, the MySQL Databases, the Email Forwarders & Filters, or, what I recommend that you do, is to use the Full Backup. So, I’m gonna click on Full Backup.

Next, you have to select a backup destination. This is basically where you want to dump or where you want to put your backup files. So if you have a remote FTP server, then you can choose the other options here, but the easiest way is to just send the backup information to your email address. So just send to your email address here and then click on Generate Backup.

Okay, so it says ‘Full Backup in Progress…’ Once the full backup of your account has been completed, you’ll receive an email message to the address you specified. Okay, so this may take a very short time if your website is relatively new, or it could take a much longer time if you actually have a huge website with a lot of files, etc.

So, once you’ve received the email message, and then if you login to your cPanel account again, and you go to the Full Backup option that I’ve shown you earlier, basically to the same screen, you’d see now the actual backup file which is stored under zip folder, alright, using ‘.tar.gz’, so this is the actual file and I can just right-click here, choose Save Link As…okay, and I can save it to my computer.

Okay, so, again, this backup file consists of every single item in your web hosting account including your WordPress blog, your WordPress plugins and themes, images, and other folders or files that you may have uploaded, as well as your email settings and also the actual emails themselves. This is the easiest way to do a complete backup of every single thing in your web hosting account.