GetResponse – Free Trial

GetResponse is a pretty established email marketing and autoresponder software, and in fact, GetResponse has been around for years and you’ll probably find thousands of affiliate marketers and Internet marketers already using GetResponse.

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So let’s take a look at some of the features in GetResponse, and you can find that by going to and clicking on Features.

So you can see that GetResponse supports video email marketing; it also supports social media integration with Twitter and other social media services. And if you have an iPhone, you can always use your iPhone with the… GetResponse iPhone application. They have online surveys, 300+ industry templates, split testing, unlimited follow-up messages, and email analytics. But essentially, GetResponse is a software that allows you to build a list of subscribers from your website or blog, and also to communicate to subscribers via email. So now, let’s click on Order Now.

And you can see that GetResponse employs a tiered pricing, whereby the lowest level is ‘Up to 500’ contacts, and that’s about $18 per month. So if you already have a list of subscribers and you want to migrate to GetResponse right away, you can see how much it’s gonna cost based on the amount of subscribers you have. So let’s say you have about 6,000 subscribers – so it will cost you about $65 for a one-time…uh, for a monthly fee; and then if you wanna add on email marketing…you can add on email marketing; surveys are free, however. And then you can also choose to prepay for 1 month, 6 months, or 12 months, with the respective discounts that you get in this column right here. And when you scroll to the right, you’ll be able to see the summary of how much you’re gonna pay, and also the 12-month prepay option or whatever other option you selected. And you can see the real-time pricing changes over here. But in this video, what we’re interested in doing is to sign up for a free account with So you can have a look at how it works before deciding if you want to invest in it. Now, the only place you’re gonna find a link to sign up for the free account is if you click on the Pricing link right on top. And again, you can see the pricing table here; but now, you can see there’s also a FREE option which only allows you, however, up to 10 subscribers. So if you just want to give GetResponse a try, then you can just choose the FREE option. There’s no Select button here, but if you scroll to the right, and you’ll be able to see a box that allows you to get started for free.

So what you need to do is fill in your login ID or password and confirm your password; and also your first name and email address.

And once you’re done with that, you can just click on Sign Up for Free. Okay, so now, what you see is a screen that says, “Thank you for choosing GetResponse. We are glad to have you on board.” To activate your GetResponse Free account, please click on the large button in the email we just sent you.” So if you have a GMail or Yahoo! mail account, then you can just go to your account, log in, and you should be able to see an email from GetResponse. If you do not see an email from GetResponse here, you may also wanna check in your spam folder or in your email bulk folder. So I’m just gonna click on this.

And most email services nowadays tend to block images in your email by default, so I’m going to turn on images by clicking on “Always display images from…”

Okay. So now, you can see the full email and a button – a big button – that says ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE! So you’re gonna click on that. Okay, so it says, “Congratulations! Your account has been activated. You can now log in.” And I’m gonna click on the login link. And I’m gonna put in my user ID and password I selected earlier…and then, I’m gonna click on Login.

And now, GetResponse will probably ask me for more information – more personal information – and the reason they do that is they need to comply with the CAN-SPAM regulations. CAN-SPAM is basically regulations that control email marketing, which basically states that every email marketer, or everyone that sends out commercial email must have a valid contact address stated in the email itself.

So make sure that you fill up this section here with all valid information about yourself. So once you’re done filling up all the information here, then you can just click on Update Details.

Okay, so I have successfully created my Free GetResponse account, and now I can always try to create my first campaign and also put in the opt-in form on my website or blog.