AWeber – Trial

n this video I’m going to show you how to get a $1.00 first month trial to Aweber. Now, Aweber is an email marketing and autoresponder service and is perhaps one of the most popular such services that is used by most of the top Internet marketers and most of the top online businesses.

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Now, before you sign-up, you’d probably want to check out the pricing, and as you can see here, the cheapest level to get started with Aweber is at $19 a month and, of course, you would get a bigger discount if you paid quarterly or yearly. And the next thing you’ll want to check out is the features list. So as you can see here, Aweber definitely has a lot of features – number one, you can send email newsletters in pure text and also HTML. And they also provide you with pretty fantastic newsletter templates that you can use. And then you can publish your sign-up form for your website, create autoresponders, manage unlimited email campaigns, and so on, but the most important thing that we want to talk about is the ability to send blog newsletters, or in other words, RSS, to email. Now this would give you an additional option to communicate with your blog’s visitors instead of just asking them to subscribe to pure RSS feed or instead of offering an email subscription service by Feedburner or other such services; you can also use Aweber to do the exact same thing. In fact, using Aweber, you can actually have more options on publishing your blog content and on – also on building a huge email marketing list.

So let’s sign up for Aweber. The first thing you need to do is go to the main page. On the Aweber main page, you would see a big button here that says ‘Free Test Run’. It’s not really free. It’s more of a $1 test run. But anyway, you can just click on that. And that will bring you to a place where you can put in your name and email address, so I’m going to put in my name and email address right now. And when that’s done, I’m just going to click on ‘Free Test Drive’.

So on the confirmation page here, you’ll see a very short video asking you to check your email and click on a confirmation link within that email cell, so I’m going to check my email and just show you how it looks like. So in my email inbox, in my Gmail inbox actually, as you can see here there is an email from Aweber and I need to confirm by visiting the link below. So just click on the confirmation link here.

Okay, so it says here, your test drive has started. And there will be a link here that says, ‘Sign up for $1,’ and if you scroll…let me scroll. If you scroll to the right, you would be able to see the actual $1 signup coupon code that you should use, and this may definitely change over time so you may want to check what is the actual coupon code or trial code that you can use. And then click on ‘Sign Up for $1.’

So here, you will be taken to the main account creation page and you can pretty much see Aweber pricing, the payment plan, and if you pay for 12 months, then you would probably save a lot of money. If you paid for 3 months, or quarterly, then you’ll save some amount of money. Or you can just choose the basic monthly signup fees. But, to activate your $1 trial, if you see this link here that says, ‘Gift Card.’ So just click on that Gift Card link, and then you’re just gonna paste in the coupon code that you had earlier, and click on Apply. And now it says that I have a one-month trial.

So, let me just explain what’s gonna happen here is that for the first month, you will only pay $1, and for the second month onwards, you’ll be paying $19 a month, or it depends on actually which payment plan that you have selected here. So if you selected the first month, and then you get the first month off, and you will have to pay for the following month onwards. But of course, you can always cancel your Aweber account whenever you want.

So, the next thing you want to do is give your account a name. Alright? And then, fill in your first name, last name, your address, and put in your credit card numbers as well. And when you’re done, just click on ‘I Agree, Complete My Order.’ Now, that would give you a $1 subscription, or a $1 trial, for the first month to, so that you can sign up and have a really in-depth look around the system, how Aweber works, and then eventually decide if you want to stick on with Aweber for the second month or if you want to cancel your account.