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Texas Registered Agent

What is a Texas Registered Agent?

A Texas registered agent is a legal resident of Texas that maintains a physical address in Texas.  A Texas registered agent must be open during normal business hours to accept service or process and any legal notifications on behalf of a company. Texas requires a Corporation or an LLC to have a registered agent.

Why is a Texas Registered Agent Required?

Since a business is not a real person, someone has to be designated to receive notices on behalf of the business. The registered agent address is the address that will be used by the state of Texas for any official legal and tax correspondence. The registered agent address must be a physical, in-state street address; P.O. Boxes are not acceptable.

Failing to register and designate a registered agent in Texas may foreclose or hinder the company's ability to legally enter into contracts and gain access to Texas' courts. Moreover, it may subject the company to monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions. Also, failure to maintain a registered agent in Texas may cause your company to fall out of "good standing" within the state of Texas. This will subject your license to do business within Texas to forfeiture, with monetary penalties assessed to reinstate your company to a "good standing" again.

When do you need a Texas Registered Agent?

You'll need a Texas registered agent if you are incorporating in Texas, forming a Texas LLC, registered an out of state entity (for a certificate of authority or certificate of registration), or are getting ready to incorporate in Texas.

A Texas registered agent is required for each entity, that is, each corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, professional corporation, professional association, etc.

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 No Hidden Fees

Cheaper services hide their fees until after you sign up, but our fee is flat and has been the same since we started in 2007. We don't charge for text messages, emails, storage of documents, faxes, document generationg, end of year fees, cancellation fees, etc.

 Service of Process - Immediate Notification

All service of process is promptly forwarded to as many contacts as you want by email with an optional notification by text message.  We will also follow up with a phone call to let you know a lawsuit was served.

 Email Notification

We will send you an email notification announcing the receipt of any official documents delivered to us on your company's behalf.  You can have as many people as you want receive a copy of the document and optionally be notified by text message of the document.

 24/7 Online Access

You can access notices and lawsuits for each company registered with us, in each state registered with us, online on any day at any time.

 Manage Multiple Companies

Manage an unlimited number of companies from one dashboard.

 Unlimited Contacts

Each company can list multiple people who will be contacted when a notice or lawsuit is received.

 Timely Renewal Notification

We will notify you 30 days prior to the renewal of your annual service.

 Fax Notification

Optionally, at no additional fee, we will fax you notices we receive.

 Text Message Notification

Optionally, at no additional fee, we will send you a text message when a notice arrives.

 Document Generation

Automatically generate common documents required by the Texas Secretary of State or Comptroller. These documents not only have our information, but your information on them as well, so are almost ready to go!

 Responsive Web Portal

Our system is designed to be easy to use from the largest to the smallest screen. Access your companies and documents at the office or on the go.

What our customers said

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Andrew, you please me to no end. Thank you for the stellar service. I spent probably four hours researching registered agents. I knew what they were, as I’ve formed three companies here in Delaware. But I needed a Texas registered agent. So I started looking and comparing. Andrew, it was obvious your service was superior — focused — REAL (not a front or pass-through to a larger operation) — and trustworthy. It was an investment of time, but a worthy investment as I found a company run by someone I can trust for the rest of my life. Many kind thanks, Andrew.
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Stephen Warden
Founder and CEO of Wizard of Ads East

Easy to do business with, no problems. Kind of a no brainer.
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R. Sheldon
Owner of eTopia LLC

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Honest pricing. No surprises.

Why Hire Us as your Texas Registered Agent?

There are plenty of Texas registered agents out there, but if you are looking for great Texas registered agent services, no surprises on your bill, no annoying solicitations, all for a great price, then you can stop searching. We would love to have your business, and it actually means something to us. We're not a huge company, but we have the resources in place to make sure we stay at the top of our game. You can get the president (a lawyer) on the phone at any time to answer any question you have about Texas registered agent service, and incorporating in Texas. Texas registered agents are required for every company in Texas. We can accomplish this for you, without a bunch of red tape and hidden fees. We've been around as a law firm since 2003 and acting as registered agent for hundreds of companies throughout the world since 2007.

As your Texas registered agent, we'll even hold compliance files at our office.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the process work?

You simply create an account and then use our new company wizard to enter your company information, contact information, choose the state(s) you want to be registered in, and pay for the service you choose.

Can I register more than one company?

Absolutely. You can register an unlimited amount of companies. Each company can have an unlimited number of people who will be notified whenever a notice or lawsuit is served.

How will you notify me?

We will notify you by email. If a suit is served, we will also call you. You can also be notified by text-message or fax at no additional cost.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit and American Express through

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