Car Accident App

We’ve release a new car accident app in both the app store and the google play store.

app splash image

The app has the following benefits for you:

Accident Kit

The accident kit helps you record information at the scene of an accident.  It’s common to forget something important after an accident because the accident victim is shaken up, confused, or has adrenaline flowing through them.  The kit has a simple step-by-step system which tells you want information to obtain and helps you gather and store it.

Injury Resources

The injury resources section gives you guidance for both before and after you are involved in a collision.

Emergency Services

The emergency services area of the app helps you contact the police, EMS, tow trucks, fire trucks, etc including showing you which services are closest to where you are.

My Data

The My Data area of the app allows you to track your documents, expenses, and tasks after you’ve been in an accident.  Simply take a photo of your document or bill and it will be uploaded and saved.

You can download the app by clicking on the link below:

  google store download image