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Written by Andrew Traub

March 3, 2009

Here is a new Post at 1 Killed In Fatal Accident – wjz.com.

1 Killed In Fatal Accident - wjz.com

The Traffic Enforcement Section is investigating a fatal collision that occurred on Sunday at approximately 3:55 am.

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Here is the Spanish translation of Post summary:-

La Sección de Aplicación de Tráfico está investigando una fatal colisión que se produjo el domingo a las 3:55 am aproximadamente.

Here is a response on similar topic:-

How many light truck were involved in fatal accident?

Including crashing into fixed and non-fixed objects….21686..

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Pedestrian Killed by Metro Bus was Jazz Artist

I though that might be of interest 🙂

Here is a news article on related topic:-

Fatal Accident on Interstate 540

Saturday’s wintry weather caused a number of accidents on interstate 540… one of them was fatal. The incident happened around 3:30 saturday afternoon near

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