Head-on Collision with Drunk Driver

Written by Andrew Traub

June 5, 2013

Our client was driving home one night when suddenly, and without warning, a car going in the opposite direction turned and came right at her.

She was unable to avoid the car and the resulting collision destroyed both vehicles.

The driver was arrested by the police for drunk driving and our client was taken to the hospital and was discharged the following day.

Our client had not health insurance and so we helped her get treatment by local doctors and physical therapists, as well as MRI’s of her injury.

Although recommended for a course of pain-management injections by her doctor, she declined the injections out of fear of the needle (not an uncommon fear) and, at the time, there was also a scare about contaminated needles in the newspaper.

Our client, who worked on commission, also lost wages which we were able to establish.


We recovered the maximum insurance available through PIP, the drunk-driver’s policy, and our client’s UM/UIM carrier – $105,000.

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